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Welcome to our travel pages! 

This site will evolve so that also friends  can record and share their travel experiences. The emphasis will be on experience, meeting people  and displaying memorable pictures.

We are providing an area so you can buy pictures for commercial use. Downloading for private use is of course fine, it would be nice if some of the pictures found their way to.

In addition tour organizers are welcome to link to us. If you would wish to ad your logos in connection with some of the journeys please contact info(at)

Content is everything, and we will make updates more regular during the next 6 months.

Of course there are still plenty of rough edges, but we keep a steady course to improve things. Feel free to send suggestions to inf(at) Of course you are also welcome as a test contributor if you accept that layouts change, posts move etc. Please use the contact form to contact us.

Best regards, Pontus
Editor in chief